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Address internal operational changes in a more inventive and powerful way. To educate, drive awareness, generate excitement and ultimately drive change, we created multi-channel campaigns that were creatively compelling to make a difference. One example is the global replacement of printers with green, cost-effective alternatives for printing and the campaign called “Ink different.”


CWT is a real hub of thought leadership, and is a great partner who helped us meet next to impossible deadlines with a can-do attitude. We look forward to working with CWT again! Gayle Townsend, former VP, Global IT Workspace Solutions, The Kellogg Company


To help Kellogg’s generate awareness around reducing wasteful printing, we created a campaign complete with a new name, logo and brand identity. Bold, vibrant graphics and an unexpected fun tone of voice with a touch of attitude helped break through the everyday corporate initiatives and grab the attention of associates.

Kellogg's logo
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Marketing Materials

Multiple communication touch points were developed including posters, an intranet graphic and fun, inspirational cards for associates to hang as reminders at their desks.


Campaign Development

By balancing facts and directives with vibrant graphics in an engaging, memorable way, we quickly and efficiently communicated the think-before-you-print initiative across the Kellogg company, specifically within a series of fun-to-read emails for the “Ink different” campaign.

Email Campaign